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A meaningful virtual staff Christmas party

Keep your team entertained during your virtual staff Christmas party this year and put them through their paces!

Test their knowledge of London while you support vulnerably-housed people in the city.

Each quiz will be upto 90 minutes long, and have five rounds of questions, including the very popular musical round! All the questions are curated by our formerly homeless tour guides, and presented live by our very own Unseen Tours Quiz Master.

Starting at £250 for the first 20 people, and £10 for each additional person thereafter, the quizzes are a great alternative to the office party that we can’t have because of the lockdown. 

We’re also offering a discounted private walking tour for upto 6 people as a prize for the winning team for £90 (usually sold from £150) as part of the Christmas bundle!

60% of profit made from the quiz goes directly to the formerly homeless and vulnerably housed tour guides who helped curate the quiz. The rest of our income is reinvested into Unseen Tours for training and product development.

Unseen Tours, is a not-for-profit social enterprise that trains and employs London’s homeless and vulnerably housed people, to lead walking tours of the city. With lockdown across the country, we have taken our guides’ expert knowledge to create a virtual quiz to add cheer to your virtual staff Christmas party. You can read more about our previous quizzes in The Conversation

Virtual staff Christmas party quiz example

What you can expect from an Unseen Tours Quiz:

  • Stories from our formerly homeless tour guides.
  • A variety of trivia, including history, film, theatre and a very special Christmas music round, all in easy-to-follow multiple choice format.
  • Easy organising and management of events; simply tell us how many people will join your quiz and we’ll do the rest. 
  • We provide shareable emails on how to join, zoom links and forms for your team to submit their answers. 
  • A great prize for the winning team!

On the day:

Our formerly homeless tour guide will welcome everyone and share what we do at Unseen Tours, as well as their own stories.

  • Then the quiz begins! All questions are brought to you live by our fabulous Quiz masters.
  • Teams get together to discuss their answers (we recommend having a separate whatsapp / skype / slack or similar channel open for these discussions), and add them to the answer forms. 
  • All questions will be multiple choice, and we will give you a bit of time to discuss answers before moving onto the following questions.
  • We recommend group sizes of four – five people for the best teambuilding experience, but are happy to have people participate as individuals too. 
  • The quiz will be divided into two halves. We’ll run through the answers at the end of each half to keep the competitive spirit alive!
  • Along the way, you will also meet our tour guides as they share stories and hidden facts about London.
David ready for a virtual Christmas party
Virtual staff Christmas party tree

How Unseen Tours Quiz helps you:

  • Bring your whole team together in a fun and entertaining way this Christmas.
  • Make organising your Christmas party easy – we’ll do all the hard work for you, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the event.
  • Make a positive social impact by raising awareness about homelessness. The quiz encourages reflection and understanding of local issues, through a gentle combination of facts and personal stories. Our Guides know all that is worth knowing about London, and through the hidden stories they reveal, the walking tours are guaranteed to build a new appreciation of the streets around you.
  • With questions ranging from London’s social history, film, music, theatre and famous landmarks. Our questions will test how well you and your colleagues know the Old Smoke!

How the quiz helps our tour guides:

Money raised from our quizzes help us pay our guides who are currently unable to work on walking tours due to the covid-19 lockdown. 

60% of profit from every quiz goes directly to the tour guides, with the rest of the profits being reinvested into the company for training, so that we can help more homeless people in London!

The prize on offer

Our award winning walking tours of London make a great prize for the winning team!

We believe in giving our guides a platform and a voice, and empowering them to tell their own story. In this way, we provide them with paid work, confidence, opportunities to up-skill, and social inclusion.

Every aspect of the tours has been co-constructed with the guides themselves, making the Unseen Tours experience a genuine joint venture from the ground up.

At the same time, we offer a unique and eye-opening experience of London, to both tourists and long-time London residents. Our aim is to change public perceptions around homelessness in all its complicated aspects, and value the often untapped potential of people who have experienced it.

As part of our Christmas Quiz bundle, we are offering our private walking tours (usually priced £150) for £90 for upto ten people. The winning team will be able to choose a private walking tour of Brick Lane, Covent Garden, London Bridge, Shoreditch or Soho at a time that suits them, and discover a completely different side of London!

We are also able to offer gift cards for 2nd and 3rd prize winners. Drop us an email to discuss this!


Read Murphy’s experience of our Christmas Quiz on our blog.

We thoroughly enjoyed the quiz being played as a team, the stories provided by the guides gave us a personalised touch to the event, I would recommend a future event to others.

So fun and interactive! We loved the questions that the guides curated with their expert knowledge, and learnt so many quirky facts. Looking forward to the next one!

Loved the stories from the guides throughout the quiz. Really brought London to life, despite the lockdown!

The best way to learn more about one of the greatest cities in the world, created by people who definitely know it the best. Highly recommended.

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We’d love to have a chat and help you add some extra festive cheer to your virtual staff Christmas party.

Email us at quiz@unseentours.org.uk to set up a time to have a chat!

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