See you later, (Not) in a pub

Soooooo we are over a year in lockdown! I hope everyone’s coped well. Me? Coping mechanisms? Well, let’s say issues like self-isolation and boredom have been dealt with (see my previous blogs).  Of course, being a tourism organisation, we couldn’t carry on with our tours when Coronavirus hit (my last tour before lockdown 1.0 was on 3rd […]

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Unseen Tours' Not-in-a-Pub Quiz

Finding connection through our Not-in-a-Pub quizzes

As we head towards the end of March, I see the shorts-wearers have hit the streets, when only a few weeks ago our Trafalgar Square water nymphs were feeling distinctly chilly. Every day in London is an adventure, weather-wise – don’t let gazing out of a window on to a bright, sunny morning fool you! […]

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Brick Lane street art - graffiti woman with gas mask

Predictions come true

Sooooooooooooo… if you looked at my review of 2020 then you probably think that you’ll be able to bet what’s coming up… luckily I’m not a betting man though! It’s my birthday this month, but like Liz Taylor and Mae West said, I’m forever 21 years old. That’s even if the world makes it to […]

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Joys of January

Joys of January 2021

Welcome to all our blog readers and to the end of a month bringing us Joe Biden, and Easter eggs creeping into our shops and minds.  My family and close friends have avoided Covid up to now. Most of the former live in the north so it seems like it will be Easter before I can […]

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Piccadilly Circus

A Portrait of Piccadilly

Greetings to all! It’s been a bumpy ride and I do hope everyone’s got a decent grip. Happily my family and friends are all well, if a little cautious. Let us escape the present, if only in our minds. In my last blog, I mentioned the Horses of Helios and the Three Graces (also known […]

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London Bridge Crossbones Graveyard ribbons

The Bright-side of 2020

Hi! I’m David, the London Bridge tour guide for Unseen Tours. After a difficult year, I’ve been reflecting on what I’m most proud of. First. I took my first guest in a wheelchair on one of my tours. I was able to do all of the stops I normally do, just with a few adjustments […]

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Brick Lane

2020: A Year In Review… and WHAT A YEAR!

Well… where to start? Phew! The year started well enough, after the traditional New Years hangover had finally worn off! The tours were nice and busy with me starting my Brick Lane tour on the 3rd January, then mid-February the news came that there was a new virus that had closed down China!  Then came cancellations […]

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Nic's Soho tour

Nic’s 2020 reflections

At the beginning of Covid-19, I was OK, if a little bemused by the reactions of some, and at the little trust in the media. I bought a couple of masks from my local chemist, dug out my hand sanitizer, and checked in with family and friends. With Unseen Tours off, I do what comes naturally, […]

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Unseen Tours Blog default image

Unseen Tours receives commendation in this year’s Homeless Link Excellence Awards 2020!

London based social enterprise Unseen Tours, has been commended in the Social Enterprise of the Year category at the Homeless Link Excellence Awards 2020, for supporting homeless people during COVID-19. The annual awards, run by the national homelessness membership charity, Homeless Link, pay tribute to the best of the homelessness and supported housing sector, and […]

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What to expect from our Christmas Quiz

So apparently it’s December, the season of Christmas parties, secret santas and dated office decorations.. And I miss every bit of it. At Homeless Link, Christmas is always a crucially busy time for the homelessness sector, and it can feel rather gloomy when facing the difficulties many of our members face throughout this cold period. […]

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