Human Trafficking in the UK

Let’s Keep the Conversation Going

At Unseen Tours, we’re all about keeping the conversation alive even after our tours end. So, we’ve gathered some resources and links to keep you engaged and the conversation going. 

Discover Organisations Making a Difference: 

  1. Stop The Traffik: These folks are on the front lines globally fighting human trafficking. Their website has a detailed definition of human trafficking, and a comprehensive guide on how to spot the signs. Check out what they’re up to and how you can get involved: Stop The Traffik.
Diagram showing 'three core elements' of what defines human trafficking. (1) Acts: the trafficker must do one of the following to people; recruit, transport, transfer, harbour, receive. (2) Means: using one or more of these methods; threat or us of force, coercion, fraud, deception, abuse of a positionof vulnerability, giving payments or benefits, abduction. (3) Purpose: for exploitation.

Source: “Three Core Elements”. Stop The Traffik,

  1. The Salvation Army UK: As one of the leading anti-trafficking organisations in the UK, The Salvation Army provides support for survivors, raises awareness, and advocates for systemic change. Learn more about their initiatives and how you can support their mission: The Salvation Army UK.
  2. Unseen UK: Dedicated to fighting modern slavery and human trafficking in the UK and beyond, Unseen offers support services, advocacy, resources and a helpline. Explore their work and find out how you can get involved: Unseen UK

Want to Learn More? Check Out These Reads:

  1. Human Trafficking Foundation: Explore resources and reports on human trafficking in the UK provided by the Human Trafficking Foundation, and subscribe to their newsletter: Human Trafficking Foundation
  2. Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW): GAATW is a global network advocating for the rights of migrant workers and trafficked persons. They promote a social justice approach to human trafficking, addressing intersecting factors like gender, race, class and migration status. Explore their publications, including their most recent special issue examining the link between housing, homelessness, migration and exploitation: GAATW Publications.  

Support the Cause with a Donation: 

  1. Unseen Tours: Help us support more survivors of human trafficking, share their stories and find employment, by donating to Unseen Tours
  2. Stop The Traffik: Join the movement to prevent human trafficking and exploitation by supporting Stop The Traffik’s initiatives in the UK and around the world. Your donation can make a difference: Donate to Stop The Traffik.
  3. Hope for Justice: Support Hope for Justice’s work to rescue victims, provide restorative care, and bring perpetrators to justice in the UK. Your contribution helps in the fight against human trafficking and modern slavery: Donate to Hope for Justice UK

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Thank you for being part of our journey and for your commitment to making a positive impact. Let’s keep the conversation going and continue to create change together!

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