Kings Cross to Clerkenwell with Ben – Copy

Building Monuments, Building Communities (0)

Kings Cross to Clerkenwell with Ben – Copy

Building Monuments, Building Communities

I’m Ben, and I’ll be taking you on a fascinating walking tour from King’s Cross to Clerkenwell. This part of London runs in the family, and is very close to my heart. We’ll embark on a journey off the beaten track and through the city’s layered history. We’ll get to know the big people and the little people, and look at how their paths have been crossing through the centuries. What was once a run-down area, King’s Cross has been transformed.

The railways, a high point of Victorian confidence, are now flanked by newly built temples to modern capitalism. We’ll see how this has presented opportunities and challenges to public spaces and housing. In the second part of the walking tour, we leave the hustle and bustle of the railway stations and step off the beaten path into Clerkenwell, with its hidden alleys and tranquil squares. But don’t be fooled: these streets conceal a history of radicalism, riots, and alternative thinking that challenge the mainstream narrative.


  • 2 Hours
  • Accessible
  • Pets allowed

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Meeting point

Outside The Betjeman Arms pub, on the upper floor of St. Pancras Station, Euston Rd, N1C 4QL

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(Tour ends at Spa Fields, 91 Skinner St, EC1R 0WX)

£18 ticket (+£1.85 booking fee)

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  • Find out how King’s Cross and St. Pancras got their names
  • Dive into the wild old days of highwaymen and bandits, elephants and Celtic insurgents
  • Discover a skyscraper which doesn’t scrape the sky, and a Catholic church which isn’t Catholic
  • Explore the blurry line between public and private space
  • Walk from bustling transport hubs to the tranquil squares and backstreets
  • Step into the alternative history of radical Clerkenwell

My Story

I am a Londoner, born on Hyde Park Corner on the self-same-day Yoko Ono and John Lennon launched loads of white balloons into the air, in order to give peace a chance. I grew up in Ealing, snapping off the leaves of the privet hedges and playing footy with friends on the green.

Since then, life has taken me from Lancashire to Liverpool, from the big skies of Suffolk to the historical neighbourhoods of Paris and Rome. I have travelled by land from Liverpool to Kathmandu, Colombo and Kolkata. Now that I’m back home, I want to show people an alternative to picture-postcard London.

I have a degree in English literature, and I speak fluent French and Italian. Portuguese - I can only sing; at the moment I have a deep abiding passion for Brazilian music. I have worked as a cook and actor, and recently got a Masters in Film Studies. I love good films, good food, hanging out with friends, walking on top of mountains or under trees.