Unseen Tours Guide David on Hosting A Virtual Pub Quiz

Was Unseen Tours your first pub quiz experience?

Actually, I have been to many quiz events and have won at least five prizes as part of a quiz team! In the ’90’s and ’00’s, I also got friends together on a few occasions to co-host quiz nights. The Unseen Tours Not-in-a-Pub Quiz was the first time that I helped compile a virtual pub quiz and I enjoyed selecting and presenting our questions. In the end, I found online quizzes easier as they were well run and, with the help of the volunteers, I didn’t have to do everything from scratch.

Where did you find your facts about London?

I find facts about London from research, listening to programmes, my customers, friends and other tour guides. I once got a fact sent to my phone saying that theorists believed that Elizabeth I was a boy. The theory itself is wrong, but it is a fact that some people believed it to be true.I go further into it on my tour so I won’t say any more about it now. 

What did you enjoy about the virtual pub quizzes?

I always enjoy testing my knowledge on other people and doing these quizzes allowed me to do that. It is always better to have other people around. Growing up I always enjoyed the company of others and didn’t really like to be on my own. I remember how I didn’t want to live by myself because I thought that I would feel so lonely. Of course, now I know that I was wrong about that, but I have always enjoyed the company of others. Lockdown could feel so lonely, but I kept in touch with friends, family and other people and the quizzes helped with that. 

What has hosting a virtual pub quiz meant to you?

I found the quizzes fun to do and they are a way to earn some money in a meaningful way during these hard times that we are all experiencing right now. 

We’re thrilled that David’s in-person London Bridge Tour is also back up and running with COVID-19 safety measure in place. Book your spot now!