A Glimpse into Nic’s October

Hi Everyone, Welcome to a glimpse into my October. While the energy of today still bounces around my head, I tweak a little and gently stroll through the more interesting bits…After a couple of more practical points. I had my flu jab. I only went into my local chemist for some mouthwash and he asked […]

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Pete, Brick Lane Tour Guide

A Very Interesting Question about Homelessness With Very Interesting Answers

Having been a tour guide with Unseen Tours for 7 years I get asked a lot of questions by my guests. Some of which are strange and some are poignant.  When I meet my guests, I ask them to save their questions until the end for a reason that you will find later in this […]

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IT’S CHRISTMAS (Quiz Time)! As Noddy Holder famously screamed… (Well, almost!)

Of course, the last 18 months have been some of the strangest experienced outside of the war years. We couldn’t run our walking tours for much of 2020, so we unleashed on the world our now somewhat famous “NOT-IN-A-PUB” quizzes. I’m thrilled to announce that the Zoom-based quizzes are making a well-deserved comeback this Christmas! […]

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World Homeless Day

“World Homeless Day” seems like a weird title, but I truly believe that there is a huge need for such an event. Unseen Tours’ core mission is to start conversations about homelessness issues. We believe that the “ripple-effect” from these conversations can change perceptions and bring answers to the questions and challenges raised. People often […]

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Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness, Harvest Moons…and Nic’s Favourite Fruit!

Ah, Autumn, my favourite season. Mists and mellow fruitfulness, harvest moons…and my favourite fruit, damsons! Every year I try and make jam, I hope I’ve cracked it this year. Though hopefully not my relative’s tooth – she claims I left a stone in. Once. And I’m not allowed to forget it. No matter how hard you […]

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(vo)ULEZ vous!

Despite the rather flippant title of this month’s blog, this is one of the hardest pieces I’ve had to write.  I’m afraid that this will turn into a rant, so please accept my apologies in advance.  You may have noticed fewer cars in your city on 21st September 2021… no? Hmm… it was National Car-Free […]

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The Day David First Walked His London Tour Route

This month we celebrate World Car Free Day, and I was thinking about when I was designing my tour and exploring the city on foot.  One thing comes to my mind that I sometimes tell my guests about, especially if they ask if we are going up any stairs.  The first day that I did […]

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David headshot

(IS THIS) WAY OUT? A Poem By Unseen Tours’ David

I enjoy writing poems and lyrics because I can show people things that they might not have seen otherwise. A lot of my writings are hard hitting and thought provoking. I like to write if I have something to say that I don’t think has been said before or not much. I try to steer […]

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Unseen Tours Blog default image

And the Award Goes to…

Unseen Tours, being a Social Enterprise that gives back to the homeless community, has been recognised for its achievements in many ways and by many organisations.  From media outlets to governmental and non-governmental organisations, Unseen Tours has gained recognition for the wonderful work we do and the input of many inspirational volunteers. These volunteers give […]

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A Reflection on Nic’s July (Including Diverse Events and Characters)

Welcome everyone to Nic’s July blog. To say I’m unenthusiastic about football is an understatement but I did vaguely follow it.  Recently, my relatives (plus Cat), descended on my flat, asking, with a determined glint in their eyes, if I was watching the football final, as they plonked themselves down on the couch. How could […]

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