Where to Get the Best Cuppa in Covent Garden

Our guide, Viv gives her top tip for a cup of tea with a bit of history in Covent Garden

“There are lots of cafes in the Covent Garden area, but I like to stop at the Charles Dickens Coffee House on Wellington Street, because it’s one of the few independent places where you can get a good cup of tea or coffee at a decent price. Charles Dickens lived in the building back in the 1860s, and he also worked here when he was publishing ‘All The Year Round’ magazine, so there’s a bit of history here too. The cafe was refurbished a year or so ago, and it’s run by some lovely Italians who always make you feel welcome when you stop to give your feet a bit of a rest, or have a snack.”

Charles Dickens Coffee House, 26 Wellington Street, WC2E 7DD

Charles Dickens Coffee House