London in Summer, Greenwich

What London in Summer Means to David

London in summer is a vibrant city. It is very enjoyable to go for a stroll in the park or down by a river. And what better way can there be discovering your surroundings than going on a guided walking tour? Enjoying the pleasant weather and hearing about how things were and what they are like today. Things that you would miss if you don’t take time to find them out. 

I personally enjoy getting out and about, seeing the sights of nature and getting some fresh air in my lungs. I am enjoying experiencing the good weather that summer brings us. Not too hot mind, I don’t like to get sweaty and have my clothes stick to me. But just warm enough to wear a t-shirt, that is the kind of weather I like. 

Some of my favourite places to visit in London in summer are leafy Greenwich and Hyde Park, Elizabeth Tower (or more commonly known as Big Ben), the Emirates stadium (as an avid Arsenal fan). I also love walking by the Thames. If the weather isn’t so great, then I recommend visiting the Museum of Childhood. I enjoy being able to see things that I used to have. It allowed me to connect with it more and brought back lots of memories!