Unseen London

Ben walks away from the camera on a street in Clerkenwell on a sunny day

Exploring the Poetry of London’s Streets: A Journey with Ben from King’s Cross to Clerkenwell

There is a certain poetry to be found in walking city streets… I take visitors to London on a walking tour that starts at St. Pancras International train station, with Unseen Tours: we focus on the many layers of this complex city, the juxtaposition of old and new, and surely London’s greatest speciality, the comings-together of unlikely subjects […]

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Viv, our Covent Garden tour guide, smiles for the camera.

Transforming Prejudice Into Empathy: A Master’s Thesis on London’s Unseen Tours 

Hi, I am Irina a 24-year-old marketing student with a focus on tourism at the IMC University of Applied Sciences in Austria. The first time I heard about Unseen Tours was in our university course “Global Tourism Perspectives”, where our professor Dr. Claudia Dolezal talked about social entrepreneurship and her collaborations with Unseen Tours. My […]

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Unseen Tours – Letting Students Get a Real Introduction to London

Guest blog by Jack Saideman, Student at LSE and Summer Volunteer with Unseen Tours Embarking on studying at a university in London offers a multitude of opportunities that are both exciting and challenging. For many, this involves moving to a metropolitan city that is overwhelming yet full of wonder and intrigue; there is a sense […]

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Two Homelessness Projects Worth Supporting

Over the last few years of me writing these blogs I have mentioned a few other volunteer-led homelessness organisations, much like Unseen Tours, that have made astounding contributions to people experiencing some of the most difficult and challenging situations that life can throw at a person. This month I’m going to mention the efforts of […]

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A Glimpse into Nic’s March

Welcome all. Spring is in the air. I’m acutely aware of the situation in Ukraine and indeed here in UK, but I am here to give a little bit of lighter insight into my month. I was invited to view, and ask questions about, a site near me due for re-development – Selkirk House/ 1, Museum […]

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A Glimpse into Nic’s February

I hope all remained safe in the recent storms. A friend’s predictive text was confusing, “Be aware of dangerous scarf folding”. She meant “scaffolding”, but it does sound much better. Personally, my month has been a little lacking in sparkle. The clouds are parting though, as they eventually do. The government thought it was time to […]

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A Reflection on Nic’s January

My mojo/oomph flounced off in late December. It is just creeping back now, very slowly. This is not an uncommon feeling. We all feel a lack of mojo sometimes. If lucky, it’s just a temporary cloud overhead. No formal Twelfth Day celebration this year. There is usually a procession headed by the Green Man across Millennium […]

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December Through Nic’s Eyes

Welcome all to a glimpse into my December. To get the gloomier aspect out of the way, as most of us expected, another COVID variant has hit the streets. Be careful out there, everyone. At risk of repeating myself, I still feel unbelievably lucky to have an amazing flat to call my own. Everyone needs […]

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A Glimpse into Nic’s October

Hi Everyone, Welcome to a glimpse into my October. While the energy of today still bounces around my head, I tweak a little and gently stroll through the more interesting bits…After a couple of more practical points. I had my flu jab. I only went into my local chemist for some mouthwash and he asked […]

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Pete, Brick Lane Tour Guide

A Very Interesting Question about Homelessness With Very Interesting Answers

Having been a tour guide with Unseen Tours for 7 years I get asked a lot of questions by my guests. Some of which are strange and some are poignant.  When I meet my guests, I ask them to save their questions until the end for a reason that you will find later in this […]

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