Unseen London

A Reflection on Nic’s July (Including Diverse Events and Characters)

Welcome everyone to Nic’s July blog. To say I’m unenthusiastic about football is an understatement but I did vaguely follow it.  Recently, my relatives (plus Cat), descended on my flat, asking, with a determined glint in their eyes, if I was watching the football final, as they plonked themselves down on the couch. How could […]

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David headshot

Unseen Tours’ David on Becoming A Tour Guide

Yesterday, my customers asked me how I became a tour guide? This is what I told them… In 2011, I was working in a factory where they made glass instruments, like burettes and pipettes, as a production worker. I wasn’t very good at my job and in the end I was offered a compromise agreement, […]

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Unseen London: Two of Nic’s Favourite Places

Hello Everyone, In this blog I would like to mention two of my many favourite places. Though changed or changing, the spirit I feel, and hope, will remain. First, I recently found out that the Arthur Beale yacht chandler on Shaftesbury Avenue has now closed.  Beale moved to Shaftesbury Avenue in 1843, beginning by the […]

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London in Summer, Greenwich

What London in Summer Means to David

London in summer is a vibrant city. It is very enjoyable to go for a stroll in the park or down by a river. And what better way can there be discovering your surroundings than going on a guided walking tour? Enjoying the pleasant weather and hearing about how things were and what they are […]

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Shoreditch Secrets: Arnold Circus

“Here Comes Summer! (sung in my best Cliff Richard karaoke voice)” Summer is on it’s way (apparently) and the Met Office assures me that we’re expecting another scorcher this week. That got me thinking about what lies ahead in the next few months, and about why people visit London for weekend breaks and such. The […]

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soho secrets carlisle house

Soho Secrets: Carlisle House Masked Balls

Hello lovely people, here’s hoping this blog finds you feeling the buzz back on the streets and a busy tube carriage. Is waiting to cross the road still a novelty? Unseen Tours is now open for business but, as expected, it’s a slow start and for me it feels like being zipped back in time […]

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Unknown Facts about May Day, Flags in Celebration

Unknown Facts About May Day

Welcome to Nic’s May blog. The scent of blossoms is in the air, especially following a shower, and as it and lockdown fade into the distance, it’s great to see the streets and tube carriages slowly filling up, and life returning. Though I am wondering if home-working will take on an entirely new meaning. Will […]

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