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Why post-pandemic team-building matters

Mention team-building and you’ll witness rolling eyes and yawning from most people. Yet, keeping team morale high is even more crucial following the country-wide lockdown that we are slowly coming out of. Encouraging communication and collaboration means more engaged, productive and loyal employees. Having spent months working remotely in relative isolation, rebuilding confidence and trust between colleagues is the greatest investment you can make for your organisation.

The best places to work have team-building at the heart of their ethos. And the most effective team-building experiences feel different to a usual day at the office. We all know that forcing leadership strategies and other corporate lessons rarely result in a more engaged team.

So what’s the alternative?

Unseen Tours Virtual Quiz via Zoom

A better way to achieve better collaboration is to have a team working on a shared activity. By choosing an experience different to the usual day-to-day work, successful team building can coax people away from comfort zones and find creative ways to bring them together.

So if you’re ready to ditch the company picnic in favour of a blue-sky team-building experience then Unseen Tours’ virtual corporate quiz is just the ticket. Curated by formerly-homeless and vulnerably-housed Londoners, it is an all-immersive experience with a social purpose. 

Each team usually consists of up to five people, and any number of teams can be accommodated. As many as 100 people have taken part in the past.

A single quiz can last between one to two hours and also be tailored to corporate needs making them shorter or longer, or even including a specialist subject to make them more relevant and interesting for your staff. At a cost of just £5 per team it’s a perfect experience for both small, medium or bigger businesses.

Running corporate quizzes on a monthly basis is a great way to continue maintaining the excitement and allowing staff to connect and outside of work-related Zoom calls and webinars. 

What makes a team-building experience a success?

When there is fun, laughter and a sense of achievement at the end of it, you know you’re onto a winner. Our Unseen Tours’ quizzes will give you this, plus the added aspect of supporting a social enterprise. So not only will your staff be happy and more motivated in the work place, but your support will also benefit a marginalised community, which is sure to receive a thumbs up. And you may even get a social media worthy moment by the end of it too!

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