london bridge

The Day David First Walked His London Tour Route

This month we celebrate World Car Free Day, and I was thinking about when I was designing my tour and exploring the city on foot.  One thing comes to my mind that I sometimes tell my guests about, especially if they ask if we are going up any stairs.  The first day that I did […]

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London Bridge Tour Local Stories

Local Stories: The Story Behind the Hat

On the Unseen Tours website, I am wearing a black rimmed hat. I also bring it with me each time I guide a tour. Well, there’s a story behind this hat.  Between 1998 – 1999 I shared a house with two friends Paul and Andy and I have kept in touch with them ever since. […]

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London Bridge Crossbones Graveyard ribbons

The Bright-side of 2020

Hi! I’m David, the London Bridge tour guide for Unseen Tours. After a difficult year, I’ve been reflecting on what I’m most proud of. First. I took my first guest in a wheelchair on one of my tours. I was able to do all of the stops I normally do, just with a few adjustments […]

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