Unseen London: Two of Nic’s Favourite Places

Hello Everyone, In this blog I would like to mention two of my many favourite places. Though changed or changing, the spirit I feel, and hope, will remain. First, I recently found out that the Arthur Beale yacht chandler on Shaftesbury Avenue has now closed.  Beale moved to Shaftesbury Avenue in 1843, beginning by the […]

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soho secrets carlisle house

Soho Secrets: Carlisle House Masked Balls

Hello lovely people, here’s hoping this blog finds you feeling the buzz back on the streets and a busy tube carriage. Is waiting to cross the road still a novelty? Unseen Tours is now open for business but, as expected, it’s a slow start and for me it feels like being zipped back in time […]

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Unknown Facts about May Day, Flags in Celebration

Unknown Facts About May Day

Welcome to Nic’s May blog. The scent of blossoms is in the air, especially following a shower, and as it and lockdown fade into the distance, it’s great to see the streets and tube carriages slowly filling up, and life returning. Though I am wondering if home-working will take on an entirely new meaning. Will […]

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It really is okay to feel okay

Welcome all to Nic’s blog. Snow flurries, sunshine and the cherry trees in bloom along the streets. It’s spring, and freedom…soon. I was talking to my extremely patient former Unseen Tours mentor recently, which brought back memories of how I and Unseen Tours initially got together. Since moving to London in 1997, I became slowly […]

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Unseen Tours' Not-in-a-Pub Quiz

Finding connection through our Not-in-a-Pub quizzes

As we head towards the end of March, I see the shorts-wearers have hit the streets, when only a few weeks ago our Trafalgar Square water nymphs were feeling distinctly chilly. Every day in London is an adventure, weather-wise – don’t let gazing out of a window on to a bright, sunny morning fool you! […]

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Joys of January

Joys of January 2021

Welcome to all our blog readers and to the end of a month bringing us Joe Biden, and Easter eggs creeping into our shops and minds.  My family and close friends have avoided Covid up to now. Most of the former live in the north so it seems like it will be Easter before I can […]

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Piccadilly Circus

A Portrait of Piccadilly

Greetings to all! It’s been a bumpy ride and I do hope everyone’s got a decent grip. Happily my family and friends are all well, if a little cautious. Let us escape the present, if only in our minds. In my last blog, I mentioned the Horses of Helios and the Three Graces (also known […]

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Nic's Soho tour

Nic’s 2020 reflections

At the beginning of Covid-19, I was OK, if a little bemused by the reactions of some, and at the little trust in the media. I bought a couple of masks from my local chemist, dug out my hand sanitizer, and checked in with family and friends. With Unseen Tours off, I do what comes naturally, […]

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Unseen Tours Blog default image

Lost & Found

Life doesn’t always go as planned, but with much luck and a lot of support, I rediscovered forgotten passions, which have helped to change my life, and allowed me to be more of who I am. Terminally Curious… Around 2002, I went to a couple of volunteer days at Nunhead Cemetery. A casual conversation led […]

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